Special offers

Bremani Care cosmetics for 15% less for half a year? Why not! Join our loyalty programme!
The promotion runs for six months and you can join it until the end of 2020!
We reward regular orders of Bremani Care cosmetics with additional discounts!

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Free essential oils, discounts on the diffuser and a hand & body cream!
All this awaits those who participate in a three-month loyalty programme!
The rules are simple: buy specially selected sets of our oils for three months and receive prizes!

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Loyalty Promotion

Each month’s purchases bring additional benefits. Order regularly for a minimum number of points and receive discounts!

Any order in September allows you to take advantage of the promotion in October.
Any order in October allows you to take advantage of the promotion in November.
Any order in November allows you to take advantage of the promotion in December

To take advantage of the promotion, you must place an order for at least 50 points.
In the October-December 2020 period you can choose from among the following prizes:
Bacillus Coagulans with a 50% discount
MSM – Methylsulfonylmethane with a 50% discount
Pepper, Garlic, Parsley with a 50% discount
Coenzyme Q10 Plus with a 50% discount
Set of 10 product catalogues for PLN 25 (50% discount)
Set of 200 product leaflets for PLN 30 (50% discount)

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More than sets 

Buying ready-made sets of our products you get not only targeted solutions, but also additional discounts. Each of the following sets has a product assigned to it, which you can order for half price: 

Bifidophilus bacteria for 50% price!
Koenzyne Q10 Plus for 50% price!
Aloe Vera juice for 50% price!
Solstic Energy form Natute for 50% price!
Calcium Plus Vitamin D for 50% price!

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Sports Plus special offer

The Sport set was created for those leading an active lifestyle. It provides excellent support in everyday sports, at the gym, for biking or running. SmartMeal, Solstic, Vitamin C and Super Omega 3 EPA will let you have even more fun and satisfaction from practicing sports, but also open the door to up to 3 products for half price! 

In the Sport Plus special offer you may choose from the following products: Tei-fu massage lotion, Liquid Chlorophyll, Bifidophilus bacteria, Chondroitin, Grapine and antioxidants, Calcium Plus Vitamin D, Super Complex, Vitamin D3

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Bremani Care Anti-aging Complex

Take regular and complete care of your skin. The “Anti-Aging Complex” offer was created with the most demanding customers in mind. The Bremani Care cosmetic product set combined with the wonderful effect Zinc and Aloe Juice have on the skin assure that your skin receives comprehensive support. Forget about the passage of time!

When you buy a “Bremani Care Anti-aging” Extended set of cosmetics, you can order Zinc ALT and Aloe Juice with a 50% discount.

The cosmetic product set includes the following: Cleansing and matting tonic, Brightening “Cinderella Effect” mask, Anti-wrinkle day face cream, Anti-wrinkle night face cream and Anti-wrinkle eye cream.

Take advantage of the promotion