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Nature's Sunshine has been supporting athletes in their daily training and helping them achieve their goals for many years. We believe that physical activity and an adequate lifestyle are vital for maintaining health.  Our activity in the area of sports is not limited to providing the best supplements to professionals. Also, our goal is to build awareness about sports among amateurs.

Sports Set is recommended by the Polish Society of Sports Medicine

We are very pleased to announce that Nature's Sunshine has been a partner of the Polish Society of Sports Medicine since February 1th 2019. The Polish Society of Sports Medicine is an association of professionals engaged in all aspects of physical activity, both in the state of health and illness, and in all periods of life. As an entity of a scientific and didactic nature, PTMS is extremely cautious to cooperate with manufacturers of dietary supplements, therefore its recommendation was preceded by a thorough examination of Nature's Sunshine brand.


Our sports activities are conducted on three levels:

We support the organization of sports competitions.
In October, we were the main sponsor of the Polish Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships.

We support athletes
Our products are part of the daily training of high-performance athletes. These athletes recommend and use our products on an everyday basis:

Marcin Szymik. 

A mountain rescuer by profession; a scuba diver, kick boxer, ultra marathon trail-runner and healthy lifestyle promoter by vocation. Achievements: Tor des Geants (340 km), 7 Valleys Run (240 km), Ultra Trail du Mount Blanc (180 km), Ultra Butcher (140 km), 7 Peaks Run (100 km), Stumilak (186 km), Lavaredo Ultra Trail (120 km).

Albert Szczygielski

multiple medallist of the Bodybuilding Championship; member of the board of the Polish Bodybuilding, Fitness and Powerlifting Association (PZKFiTS); and the president of the board of the Sports Club "Kwadrat” of Mińsk Mazowiecki. Gold, silver and bronze medallist of the European Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships (Spain). An organizer of large events of strength and body fitness disciplines in various age categories. A role model for numerous members of his club, who want to improve their figures, work on muscles and endurance

We educate

With a view to promoting a healthy lifestyle and physical activity, we have created a group called "Activity Zone With Nature's Sunshine".  
We invite anyone who wants an active lifestyle. You will find specialists there ready to help you compose a right training program and diet.