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Sports Set is recommended by the

Polish Society of Sports Medicine

We are very pleased to announce that Nature's Sunshine has been a partner of the Polish Society of Sports Medicine since February 1th 2019. The Polish Society of Sports Medicine is an association of professionals engaged in all aspects of physical activity, both in the state of health and illness, and in all periods of life. As an entity of a scientific and didactic nature, PTMS is extremely cautious to cooperate with manufacturers of dietary supplements, therefore its recommendation was preceded by a thorough examination of Nature's Sunshine brand.


Tough players use supplements!

Professional athletes have the support of trainers, nutritionists, physiologists and doctors. Opting for optimal health and diet is a huge cost for competitive athletes, and yet it is worth the price. All the more so because in the event of any health problems, it is difficult to support oneself with medicine – anti-doping agencies will sooner or later pick up illegal substances and the even best career may be shattered. It is not surprising then that athletes reach for dietary supplements. A study conducted at the University of Ottawa showed that 69% of Atlanta Olympics competitors used supplements, whereas four years later in Sydney – 74%. Most often they chose multivitamin preparations and minerals, i.e. trace elements necessary for the harmonious functioning of the organism – especially if undergoing extreme efforts that are inseparably associated with intensive sports. Youngsters, both amateurs practicing recreational sports as an element of a happy lifestyle as well as junior teams, are following in the footsteps of professionals.

What does the IOC say about dietary supplements?
Supplements in sports have become so widespread that even the International Olympic Committee has recently addressed this topic. The IOC divided dietary supplements into 6 main groups: All of these groups can be found in the Nature's Sunshine offer. For athletes, we have prepared a special hybrid set, which enables them to meet their basic energy and supplementation needs. Moreover, it enables them to individually select a supplement that will satisfy their most urgent nutritional needs.

▪ micronutrients that must be supplemented by athletes (vitamin D, calcium, iron)
▪ energy supplements (including drinks with carbohydrates and electrolytes, caffeine, taurine or group B vitamins, products enriched with protein)
▪ supplements that directly improve physical performance (including caffeine)
▪ supplements supporting the immunity of athletes (including vitamin D, probiotics, vitamin C, polyphenols, zinc, omega-30 fatty acids, vitamin E)
▪ supplements enhancing training efficiency, soothing muscle pain and injuries (including omega-3 acids, curcumin)
▪ supplements that boost lean body mass gain (e.g. protein)